Coronavirus Info

**UPDATED **17th MAY 2020**

Following the Governments decision to encourage a return to work we surveyed all of the Sort and Sparkle customers. The huge majority who responded have indicated a preference for a return to regular cleaning from June onwards and we will use this as a point at which we will review the situation.

A further selection of customers confirmed that they could meet our criteria of empty homes and would like to resume asap.

With this in mind we have decided to resume with a very scaled back team – commencing on Monday 18th May – cleaning only in empty properties (where customers are at work or can be away for the duration of the clean)

Although the Government have only specified 2m distancing as a requirement for domestic cleaners these are our intended safety measures:

  • Initially the team will work solo and visit one property each per day (this will be reviewed over time)
  • Sanitising hands before entering a property, once inside, and upon leaving.
  • Disposable gloves to be worn at all times whilst inside the property.
  • Masks to be worn before entering property and not to be taken off until back outside. (These will be re-useable masks but will only be worn inside one property before being washed at min. 60 degrees)
  • Single use shoe covers to be worn inside all properties
  • As always, all cloths and mop heads are used once before being removed and washed at min. 60 degrees at the end of each day
  • Team members will not be emptying bins (this will be reviewed over time)

As well as following these guidelines:

  • We have invested in a range of ‘professional’ grade cleaning products
  • All staff have undertaken Covid-19 training courses
  • We have purchased a range of PPE products for all staff members

We will be contacting our ‘existing’ customers on a regular basis to amend the schedule as circumstances change. In the meantime we are booking empty property ‘one offs’, end of tenancy, Air BnB turnarounds and office cleans.